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We deliver solutions to complex simulation challenges.

Does it move?
We can simulate it design it control it.


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Our mission

We provide ad-hoc software solutions for complex engineering problems, where our mission is to set new standards of excellence in computer simulation. To this end, we leverage last-generation technology such as artificial intelligence, GPU computing, immersive visualization and real-time simulation. Thanks to our knowledge in the field of applied and theoretical mechanics, our software tools define the state of the art for problems involving complex challenges such as contacts, collisions or real-time constraints.



C++ and Python software for high-performance simulation of multi-flexible-body systems, also real-time.


High-end photorealistic visualization tools based on UnrealEngine, OpenGL, DirectX

Robotics and AI

Design of industrial manipulators, AGV, PKM. Deep learning methods for robotic intelligence.

Our Projects

Project Chrono

We are the founders of CHRONO.
In collaboration with SBEL labs we develop the CHRONO simulation middleware used all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Using our PyChrono toolkit and TensorFlow, we use Deep Reinforcement Learning to train AI neural networks for robot control.

Vehicle dynamics

We collaborate with Altair ACTIVATE to deliver a library for real-time vehicle simulation and a next-gen visualization tool based on UnrealEngine.


We designed three 4-DOF parallel manipulators, one 6-DOF robot arm, one AGVs. We simulate, design and build automation systems.


We delivered a custom software solution for simulating biomechanical models of the human body, using our PyChrono toolkit and Python coding.


Multibody Summer School 2019

We organized the seond edition of the international summer school on multibody system dynamics.

Chrono-MBDyn user meeting 2017

We organized a joint meeting for users of CHRONO and MBDYN. Users could exchange ideas, present their work, attend tutorials.

Multibody Summer School 2016

The first edition of our Multibody Dynamics Workshop was a success.